Local search marketing is often cited as a way to promote your business and help with search results.  But what exactly is it?

Local search marketing is promoting your business through local directories via a web application or a mobile app.  Here are the  major players:  Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, Trip Advisor, YP Yellow, Bing Local.

These directories are all created to make it easier for people to find you and they are also free – so take advantage of them.

Here is how:

1. Go to each of these sites and look for a listing for your business.  If one exists, which many do without any action on your part, “claim” it as your business.  Most sites make it clear how to do this and prompt you thru the steps when you try to edit the site. Part of the claiming of your listing will include a verification process which usually involves receiving a text on the business phone or a call to the business line listed or an email verification.  Additionally, often there will be verification done by the listing.  For example, Apple Maps will do some internal verification before placing you on their map.

2. Once you are verified, it is important to fill out the information and upload some GREAT photos.  The information is usually a bit limited but you should be able to describe the general nature of your business, your services, location, & hours.  Make sure you place a link to your website – either where the form asks for it, or if the form doesn’t, in the description.  This link is vital!  These links are looked at by all the search engines, and serve as a verification of the information they have indexed on your website. This confirmation will actually help to raise your page ranking in the search engines, as they crave multiple sources all saying the same thing.

But perhaps equally important is that people really do use these local directories all the time to find businesses and you want to be there in the results!  Having great pictures and informative text will also improve the trust of the person searching.

3. Next, get some good reviews posted on your listing.  Not only does this help your business succeed, having reviews on your listing help to push it up in the results.  Additionally, if desired, advertising is available on many of these sites.

Many businesses are quite comfortable creating their own profiles on these sites.  But if you would like some help with this important task, please give us an email or a call – we set these up all the time.  We’ll get you looking good on your local search directories!

Local Search Marketing – we say USE IT!!

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