Affordable web packages by Fab Web Philly

For many years Fab Web has done custom, one-of-a-kind websites for all types of small businesses.  Each of our sites was created based on ideas sent back and forth between us and our clients, and each was completely unique in design. Designing and creating a custom website takes many hours.

However, many businesses have a need for a lower cost website, and are happy to be able to have a great design by Fab Web but at a lower price.

We have taken the most important elements of a great website and put them into a package that enables us to help people and businesses get on the internet for a super price, without sacrificing on the most important elements of an effective, powerful website.  Each website has unique and well planned search engine optimization, with client consultation, built in to the code.  Additionally each site has pertinent critical information for the business in easy to find sensible locations – hours, location, contact info, services provided, and more.  Plus testimonials, great images, and call to actions that match the business.

Best of all, these are affordable packages.  We have three basic packages, starting from $3500. All of our websites are programmed correctly for SEO (the search engines), images are always properly optimized for quick loading and the site is scrutinized for properly displaying on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Consider this:  often small businesses, especially those in the trades or medical fields, often use web companies that have a basic template that they use for an industry, and they often charge a monthly fee that is seemingly affordable – typically $200-$300/month.  However, in the long run this is a much higher cost.  4 years at $250/month is $12,000 in total.  Instead your business can have a beautiful website made by Fab Web, with a lot of money saved.