Deborah Boardman Photography

Deborah Boardman asked for us to make a website for her work as a photographer, specializing in human photography. As her current site was outdated we approached this as a completely new site, starting from a blank page.

Deborah’s photography is incredibly beautiful. Her background as a professional ballet dancer informs her photography with a great sense of human presentation. She really gets important elements, such as posture, lighting, clothing, facial expression in a very deep way as a result of her dance training. She brings out the correct personality needed for each of her clients, while making the whole experience fun!

While this site is focused on presenting her wonderful work, organized into types, we worked together with Deborah to create content that explains her uniqueness as a photographer, and what types of photography she focuses on. Additionally a focus was search results, and each page was carefully thought out in both content and coding in this regard. Additionally we spent the time to correctly optimize each of her photos to keep the site loading quickly.

Wordpress Web Design, Logo Design, Graphic Work, Responsive Layout, SEO

Deborah Boardman Photography
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