Treeline Cheese WordPress Website by Fab Web PhillyOver the years here at Fab we have heard countless stories about people and companies waiting an awfully long time to get their website done.  Today I heard this from a person at a networking event: “We have been waiting 8 months, and they still haven’t completed the design.  When I last spoke with them recently they stated the site was now at the phase to begin coding”.  That is crazy!

Websites do take significant time and effort.  Issues do arise that take time to deal with and solve.  There can be delays with content, and yes, unexpected things happen.  But 8 months before starting programming?  That never happens here at Fab!

We make sites from 1 page to 100 pages.  Here is our usual turnaround times:  A small site (in terms of content) usually takes about 4-6 weeks, including hosting set up, design and programming.  A 100 page site may take 12 weeks.

It’s a process.  We aren’t claiming to be the world’s fastest.  Sometimes people are really in need of a quick turnaround, which we try to accommodate.  But never should you wait more than a couple of months for a site – if you have the concept of what you are looking for and the content ready, no matter the size.

The reason we get sites done quicker than some is simply this:  We don’t take on more than we can get done.  We don’t have to rely on others outside our control, as we do all of our work – we don’t farm it out ever.  We have an account/project manager that is always available to communicate with, either by office phone or his cell, and he’s always checking email.  Plus we have a lot of experience in both programming and design, so we know how to do so much.  We can just get to work.