analytics-certified-company-fab-webGoogle Analytics is a tool that Google provides for insight into your website’s visitors. We have been using this tool on our own sites as well as a majority of our websites since 2007, and there have seen a lot of changes to the reports. There is both basic information, such as the number of visits to your site, or number of pages visited by the average viewer, as well as deeper insights about traffic sources, referring sites and truly a lot more.

Here at Fab Web we decided to go deeper into our understanding of all things Google Analytics, to fully understand all it is capable of. As a result of this we decided to get “certified” by Google for Analytics, which involved taking a test to prove our understanding. Now we have become officially “certified”, through Maja Berwald and her certification.

If you would like any help with understanding your website traffic, give us a ring or an email, and we can help!