Google Adwords Certified -Philadelphia - Fab WebGoogle Adwords, Google’s online advertising platform, is an effective way to bring more traffic and new business to your website. A wonderful aspect of the program is the great control for targeting who you would like to reach. Keywords and location are some of the tools the advertiser can use, as well as landing page selection – where specifically the advertisements are linked.

Fab Web Work has been providing Google Adwords services for years. Now we are officially certified by Google itself! (And a Google Adwords Partner!)

Several of our clients have successfully used Adwords to multiply their websites page visits. It is a great way to help a business that is still growing and needs to reach more potential clients or customers.

The Adwords program is integrated into the Google search platform, and many of the results from a search on Google are these ads. That is why they are so powerful. Google is still by far the most used search engine and getting your website and landing pages to be seen in the results is critical. Unfortunately even when using great SEO coding and search strategy, it is not always possible to rank your website near the very top of Google results. Often the issue is that your competitors have become much more established through time. As a new business it is very difficult to rank higher than a well-established, larger company with a long history of google search results – especially if they too are good with their own search engine coding. Using Google Adwords  helps level the playing field, enabling your business to be seen too.

Google Adwords is a pay per click system. To use it for maximum value, make sure that the landing page associated with the ad is the one that is most useful and can generate a payment to make the advertisement cost worthwhile. Spending $1.50 per click is not great when selling a $3 item, but great for an item of larger value.

Budgeting can be done on a monthly or daily basis, perfect for staying within your own budget. The advertisements simply stop appearing once your allotted budget has been reached.

Fab loves this program because we have seen its impact on several of our clients. Give us a call at 215-987-6947 if you’d like to discuss how we can make it work for you, your budget and your goals!