We Are Google Analytics Certified

We Are Google Analytics Certified

analytics-certified-company-fab-webGoogle Analytics is a tool that Google provides for insight into your website’s visitors. We have been using this tool on our own sites as well as a majority of our websites since 2007, and there have seen a lot of changes to the reports. There is both basic information, such as the number of visits to your site, or number of pages visited by the average viewer, as well as deeper insights about traffic sources, referring sites and truly a lot more.

Here at Fab Web we decided to go deeper into our understanding of all things Google Analytics, to fully understand all it is capable of. As a result of this we decided to get “certified” by Google for Analytics, which involved taking a test to prove our understanding. Now we have become officially “certified”, through Maja Berwald and her certification.

If you would like any help with understanding your website traffic, give us a ring or an email, and we can help!

Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe Website by Fab Web Philly

Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe Website by Fab Web Philly

A new ice cream shop opened up here in Old City Philadelphia called Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe.

It’s more than an ice cream shop, as they also make some amazing “kettle korn”, hot grill items, sell cakes, cupcakes and more. But the ice cream is truly amazing… homemade and so so great!

This was a true full service job – we took the photos, wrote the text and designed the website, and secured the web hosting and URL. Additionally we helped them “get on the map” – creating their listing for Apple Maps, Google My Business (Google locations/maps) and Yelp.

After a few visits with our camera, Maja, our graphic designer made the photos look even better. We did some talking with the owners for text content and wrote the text, with their input. We designed a site with super great images, focusing on searchable content, put the menu on the site and in a very short time the site was live. Quick enough that it was up before they had their grill operational – so we will be back for some more photos soon!


If you are nearby we do highly recommend stopping in and getting some amazing ice cream sundaes, perfect kettle corn, perhaps a milkshake, and even an egg creme! Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 17 N. 3rd St. in Historic Philadelphia. It’s super delicious, and super local too!


Look:  New Websites, Before and After

Look: New Websites, Before and After

BEFORE & AFTERWeb Design - Before and After


We have recently worked on a couple of websites that needed a redesign, while keeping much if not all of the original content. Let’s look at two of the redesigns, Peace Drums Project, which is a Steel Drum Music Project in the US and Middle East, and Hanne Kirkegaard, a Danish Psychotherapist.

Both of these sites are WordPress-based designs, in both the before and after versions. They are great examples of what we can do for you with an old WordPress website that is getting “long in the tooth” and needs a good refreshing, along with a focus on adding search optimization.

Peace Drums Project:  www.peacedrumsproject.org

The Peace Drums Project is an interfaith community steel drum organization which is attempting to bring a little peace to the middle east, through interfaith groups of Palestinians and Israelis rehearsing and performing together. Founder Harvey Price wisely states “once people have played music together they are friends for life!”

The goal of the website was to bring a new, professional look to the site and to increase the groups online visibility through better search optimization.



Danish Psychotherapist, Hanne Kirkegaard: http://hannekirkegaard.dk

Ms. Kirkegaard had a rather large website she had built in WordPress that she wanted to re-style and relaunch in a responsive design (to assure a better mobile layout) with a more contemporary design. This site was primarily a redesign, with most of the content brought from the old site to the new site. Another challenge for us could have been that Ms. Kierkegaard is Danish and living in Denmark. However, as our graphic designer Maja Berwald is also Danish, we were able to handle the language issue without a problem! Even if you don’t know Danish, give it a look!



How long does it take to build a website?

How long does it take to build a website?

Treeline Cheese WordPress Website by Fab Web PhillyOver the years here at Fab we have heard countless stories about people and companies waiting an awfully long time to get their website done.  Today I heard this from a person at a networking event: “We have been waiting 8 months, and they still haven’t completed the design.  When I last spoke with them recently they stated the site was now at the phase to begin coding”.  That is crazy!

Websites do take significant time and effort.  Issues do arise that take time to deal with and solve.  There can be delays with content, and yes, unexpected things happen.  But 8 months before starting programming?  That never happens here at Fab!

We make sites from 1 page to 100 pages.  Here is our usual turnaround times:  A small site (in terms of content) usually takes about 4-6 weeks, including hosting set up, design and programming.  A 100 page site may take 12 weeks.

It’s a process.  We aren’t claiming to be the world’s fastest.  Sometimes people are really in need of a quick turnaround, which we try to accommodate.  But never should you wait more than a couple of months for a site – if you have the concept of what you are looking for and the content ready, no matter the size.

The reason we get sites done quicker than some is simply this:  We don’t take on more than we can get done.  We don’t have to rely on others outside our control, as we do all of our work – we don’t farm it out ever.  We have an account/project manager that is always available to communicate with, either by office phone or his cell, and he’s always checking email.  Plus we have a lot of experience in both programming and design, so we know how to do so much.  We can just get to work.

Small Business Websites

Small Business Websites

Affordable web packages by Fab Web Philly

For many years Fab Web has done custom, one-of-a-kind websites for all types of small businesses.  Each of our sites was created based on ideas sent back and forth between us and our clients, and each was completely unique in design. Designing and creating a custom website takes many hours.

However, many businesses have a need for a lower cost website, and are happy to be able to have a great design by Fab Web but at a lower price.

We have taken the most important elements of a great website and put them into a package that enables us to help people and businesses get on the internet for a super price, without sacrificing on the most important elements of an effective, powerful website.  Each website has unique and well planned search engine optimization, with client consultation, built in to the code.  Additionally each site has pertinent critical information for the business in easy to find sensible locations – hours, location, contact info, services provided, and more.  Plus testimonials, great images, and call to actions that match the business.

Best of all, these are affordable packages.  We have three basic packages, starting from $3500. All of our websites are programmed correctly for SEO (the search engines), images are always properly optimized for quick loading and the site is scrutinized for properly displaying on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Consider this:  often small businesses, especially those in the trades or medical fields, often use web companies that have a basic template that they use for an industry, and they often charge a monthly fee that is seemingly affordable – typically $200-$300/month.  However, in the long run this is a much higher cost.  4 years at $250/month is $12,000 in total.  Instead your business can have a beautiful website made by Fab Web, with a lot of money saved.

Fab Web Philly Converts Joomla Site to WordPress

Fab Web Philly Converts Joomla Site to WordPress

Marathon Printing & Graphics – a great full-service design, printing and branding company in Philadelphia was having some issues with their Joomla site. They asked us to program the site in WordPress. So we did! Awesome. Great responsive functionality including file upload ability.

Visit Marathon Printing

Fab Web Philly - Website for Marathon Printing and Graphics Philadelpia