Look:  New Websites, Before and After

Look: New Websites, Before and After

BEFORE & AFTERWeb Design - Before and After


We have recently worked on a couple of websites that needed a redesign, while keeping much if not all of the original content. Let’s look at two of the redesigns, Peace Drums Project, which is a Steel Drum Music Project in the US and Middle East, and Hanne Kirkegaard, a Danish Psychotherapist.

Both of these sites are WordPress-based designs, in both the before and after versions. They are great examples of what we can do for you with an old WordPress website that is getting “long in the tooth” and needs a good refreshing, along with a focus on adding search optimization.

Peace Drums Project:  www.peacedrumsproject.org

The Peace Drums Project is an interfaith community steel drum organization which is attempting to bring a little peace to the middle east, through interfaith groups of Palestinians and Israelis rehearsing and performing together. Founder Harvey Price wisely states “once people have played music together they are friends for life!”

The goal of the website was to bring a new, professional look to the site and to increase the groups online visibility through better search optimization.



Danish Psychotherapist, Hanne Kirkegaard: http://hannekirkegaard.dk

Ms. Kirkegaard had a rather large website she had built in WordPress that she wanted to re-style and relaunch in a responsive design (to assure a better mobile layout) with a more contemporary design. This site was primarily a redesign, with most of the content brought from the old site to the new site. Another challenge for us could have been that Ms. Kierkegaard is Danish and living in Denmark. However, as our graphic designer Maja Berwald is also Danish, we were able to handle the language issue without a problem! Even if you don’t know Danish, give it a look!