Jeweler, Artist, Writer Website

Jeweler, Artist, Writer Website

Fab Web Philadelphia is happy to share with you this lovely website for Philadelphia Artist, Writer, Jeweler! We had a great collaboration in creating the site and love her vibrant, thought-provoking art and jewelry.


Fab Web Philadelphia is Google Adwords Certified!

Fab Web Philadelphia is Google Adwords Certified!

Google Adwords Certified -Philadelphia - Fab WebGoogle Adwords, Google’s online advertising platform, is an effective way to bring more traffic and new business to your website. A wonderful aspect of the program is the great control for targeting who you would like to reach. Keywords and location are some of the tools the advertiser can use, as well as landing page selection – where specifically the advertisements are linked.

Fab Web Work has been providing Google Adwords services for years. Now we are officially certified by Google itself! (And a Google Adwords Partner!)

Several of our clients have successfully used Adwords to multiply their websites page visits. It is a great way to help a business that is still growing and needs to reach more potential clients or customers.

The Adwords program is integrated into the Google search platform, and many of the results from a search on Google are these ads. That is why they are so powerful. Google is still by far the most used search engine and getting your website and landing pages to be seen in the results is critical. Unfortunately even when using great SEO coding and search strategy, it is not always possible to rank your website near the very top of Google results. Often the issue is that your competitors have become much more established through time. As a new business it is very difficult to rank higher than a well-established, larger company with a long history of google search results – especially if they too are good with their own search engine coding. Using Google Adwords  helps level the playing field, enabling your business to be seen too.

Google Adwords is a pay per click system. To use it for maximum value, make sure that the landing page associated with the ad is the one that is most useful and can generate a payment to make the advertisement cost worthwhile. Spending $1.50 per click is not great when selling a $3 item, but great for an item of larger value.

Budgeting can be done on a monthly or daily basis, perfect for staying within your own budget. The advertisements simply stop appearing once your allotted budget has been reached.

Fab loves this program because we have seen its impact on several of our clients. Give us a call at 215-987-6947 if you’d like to discuss how we can make it work for you, your budget and your goals!

Our Client Owen King’s the winner of Goodreads 2017 Best Horror Book!

Our Client Owen King’s the winner of Goodreads 2017 Best Horror Book!

We are very happy here at Fab Web to find that our client Owen King has a best selling and critically acclaimed book “Sleeping Beauties”!   Word has come in that this new book, co-authored with his father Stephen King, is Goodreads Winner of 2017’s Best Horror Choice!  Additionally this book has been on the NY Times Best Selling Fiction list for 16 weeks so far.  If you haven’t read this one yet, it is a story in which the female characters have a mysterious sleeping disease… check out more at the GoodReads site.

Of course, we are thrilled for Owen – we loved working on his website:

We Are Google Analytics Certified

We Are Google Analytics Certified

analytics-certified-company-fab-webGoogle Analytics is a tool that Google provides for insight into your website’s visitors. We have been using this tool on our own sites as well as a majority of our websites since 2007, and there have seen a lot of changes to the reports. There is both basic information, such as the number of visits to your site, or number of pages visited by the average viewer, as well as deeper insights about traffic sources, referring sites and truly a lot more.

Here at Fab Web we decided to go deeper into our understanding of all things Google Analytics, to fully understand all it is capable of. As a result of this we decided to get “certified” by Google for Analytics, which involved taking a test to prove our understanding. Now we have become officially “certified”, through Maja Berwald and her certification.

If you would like any help with understanding your website traffic, give us a ring or an email, and we can help!

Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe Website by Fab Web Philly

Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe Website by Fab Web Philly

A new ice cream shop opened up here in Old City Philadelphia called Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe.

It’s more than an ice cream shop, as they also make some amazing “kettle korn”, hot grill items, sell cakes, cupcakes and more. But the ice cream is truly amazing… homemade and so so great!

This was a true full service job – we took the photos, wrote the text and designed the website, and secured the web hosting and URL. Additionally we helped them “get on the map” – creating their listing for Apple Maps, Google My Business (Google locations/maps) and Yelp.

After a few visits with our camera, Maja, our graphic designer made the photos look even better. We did some talking with the owners for text content and wrote the text, with their input. We designed a site with super great images, focusing on searchable content, put the menu on the site and in a very short time the site was live. Quick enough that it was up before they had their grill operational – so we will be back for some more photos soon!


If you are nearby we do highly recommend stopping in and getting some amazing ice cream sundaes, perfect kettle corn, perhaps a milkshake, and even an egg creme! Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 17 N. 3rd St. in Historic Philadelphia. It’s super delicious, and super local too!

What does local search marketing mean?

What does local search marketing mean?

Local search marketing is often cited as a way to promote your business and help with search results.  But what exactly is it?

Local search marketing is promoting your business through local directories via a web application or a mobile app.  Here are the  major players:  Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, Trip Advisor, YP Yellow, Bing Local.

These directories are all created to make it easier for people to find you and they are also free – so take advantage of them.

Here is how:

1. Go to each of these sites and look for a listing for your business.  If one exists, which many do without any action on your part, “claim” it as your business.  Most sites make it clear how to do this and prompt you thru the steps when you try to edit the site. Part of the claiming of your listing will include a verification process which usually involves receiving a text on the business phone or a call to the business line listed or an email verification.  Additionally, often there will be verification done by the listing.  For example, Apple Maps will do some internal verification before placing you on their map.

2. Once you are verified, it is important to fill out the information and upload some GREAT photos.  The information is usually a bit limited but you should be able to describe the general nature of your business, your services, location, & hours.  Make sure you place a link to your website – either where the form asks for it, or if the form doesn’t, in the description.  This link is vital!  These links are looked at by all the search engines, and serve as a verification of the information they have indexed on your website. This confirmation will actually help to raise your page ranking in the search engines, as they crave multiple sources all saying the same thing.

But perhaps equally important is that people really do use these local directories all the time to find businesses and you want to be there in the results!  Having great pictures and informative text will also improve the trust of the person searching.

3. Next, get some good reviews posted on your listing.  Not only does this help your business succeed, having reviews on your listing help to push it up in the results.  Additionally, if desired, advertising is available on many of these sites.

Many businesses are quite comfortable creating their own profiles on these sites.  But if you would like some help with this important task, please give us an email or a call – we set these up all the time.  We’ll get you looking good on your local search directories!

Local Search Marketing – we say USE IT!!

Contact Fab Web if you’d like some help: 215-987-6947.