Fab Web Philly – We are producing podcasts for clients & businesses!

Fab Web Philly – We are producing podcasts for clients & businesses!

Fab Philadelphia Podcast Studio
Jim Goodman of Fab has started recording and producing podcasts. Jim has 20 years of recording studio engineering experience, so it will sound “proper”.

Podcasts are a great way to present information about any subject. They have become very popular, as many people listen to them as they commute to and from work, or when they wake up in the middle of the night (we know who you are). Perhaps you know about podcasts and podcasting, but how does that tie into your business or establishment?

There are two basic focuses for podcasts: either for “public” consumption, or for “internal” usage. A “public” podcast would be a way to explain something about what was happening at your business, or about something of interest to clients. Perhaps to explain more details about something you offer, or expert advice on something that people would find interesting – such as “What is Kundalini Yoga?” “How to start a fitness routine” or “Tips for writing a novel”.

Podcasts can be downloadable on your website, and also made available through iTunes Podcast app or android’s Stitcher Radio. They can help clients and customers see that you are a great source of knowledge, and fill out more of your identity in a helpful way.

An “internal” podcast is a great way for a business to get official information out to employees. Perhaps information about company standards or new hire info. Perhaps about the benefits packages, or new government regulatory information that needs to be shared. A podcast can get the information distributed in an organized, reusable form.

Actually, they are a great alternative to creating a video (which we also do here at Fab), as they are certainly quicker and easier to produce, so they can be cost effective versus video. And you can record them while even in pajamas and no one would know!

Here are some practicalities: We have a recording studio here in Philadelphia set up for recording podcasts. Just walk in and start talking! We can record a few people simultaneously here as well, for a “round table” type of presentation. After recording is finished, we will do our “audio magic” (mastering) and make everything sound wonderful – clean, appropriately loud and clear (think NPR quality). We can help set up the podcast so it can be placed on your website, or shared via email or upload to Itunes/Stitcher Radio mobile listening app.

Additionally, we can help you record your podcast locally, perhaps at home in your pajamas, and send us the file. We will work with you to ensure that your recording situation at your location is the best it can be. We will do the “audio magic” and return the file to you, or get it uploaded to the podcast app or website.

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